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6 Things to Know Before Your Night Out At a Dive Bar

Posted by Country Bar Tee Club on

There’s something special about the experience you get in a dive bar. From the smell of skunked beer to the poorly painted walls, there are many signs that will tell you that you just walked into a dive bar. Below is a detailed list of a few signs to look for authentication that you're in an actual dive.

1 - Mostly beer, but none of the fancy stuff

Prepare for the confused looks if you plan to order anything far from the regular cold beer. Mixed drinks are possible in a dive, but you should stick to a drink that has the mixture in its name. A Jack & Coke or whiskey ginger are acceptable requests. Bring your own ingredients for a Mojito if you're feeling adventurous.

Before you ask, no, they do not have craft beer.

2 - Great music

If you plan to go out and dance to the new hit single by Beyoncé, maybe you should reconsider going to a dive bar. Although some dive bars now have a digital jukebox connected to the internet, most still use the old school method of stocking its jukebox with records.

Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones or Rumours by Fleetwood Mac are just a small example of albums you will most likely hear while enjoying a cold one at a dive bar.

3 - Crappy bathrooms (no pun intended)

Most dive bar bathrooms were never designed to be a bathroom. Since it's against the law to open a bar without a bathroom, most of the restrooms you'll encounter in a dive are nothing more than a storage closet converted into a bathroom.

So you shimmy your way into the closet bathroom. You close the door to find out the lock doesn’t even work... A far too common occurrence in official dives.

If your stomach is bothering you that day, it's best to stay home that night.

4 - No Wi-Fi

Went over your data limit already for the month? Don't expect a dive bar to be much assistance. Even by some rare chance they do in fact have Wi-Fi, there’s a smaller chance the bartender will stop serving drinks to get the password for you. Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter must wait till you get back to the comfy confines of your home.

Besides, what's so bad about enjoying a few beers and laughs with friends? Put the phone down and enjoy the night out the right way. Unless you're reading this list on your phone, then wait till you’re done this list… please?

5 - “ID please…?”

This is a question you'll almost never be asked entering a true dive bar. We’re not saying dive bars are irresponsible and condone underage drinking, but, let's be honest; underage teens don’t have any intention of trying to sneak into a dive bar.

A neighborhood dive is where most older people go to enjoy a cold beer and catch up with friends. They don't want to have to deal with dark atmospheres, strobe lights and music by Pitbull. “IT’S MISTA WORLDWIDE!”

Hopefully, if you’re lucky, your local dives will have a plethora of Country music options that will cancel out the Drake, Flo Rida, and Lady Gaga.

6 - Food Menu

Stumbling upon a dive that has a kitchen can be a good and bad thing. It’s a good thing if you’re in the mood for chicken wings and a basket of fries. However, if you’re in the mood for something that can't be frozen in a small bag you’re not going to be too happy.

Anything that isn't fried or can't be cooked by a child is just simply not gonna be on the menu at a dive bar.

At the end of the day, you simply have to go to a dive bar to understand anything we've just said. But before you arrange a night out with your friends to a dive you're going to want to be appropriately dressed. So visit us at Country Bar Tee Club before you go. Country Bar Tee Club sends you a new comfortable t-shirt straight to your door each month!